May 16, 1974

You are really growing up. You notice when I’m not there and cry quite often. I think you may be cutting your second to the but I’m not sure. You have had two different babysitters and got along with both. Tuesday you were exposed to chicken pox – I hope you don’t get it.

For Mother’s Day on Sunday, you and Daddy gave me a picture of you. It’s beautiful – the best present I could have had. An then you took me to Indian Cave state park. It was so much fun driving around. The roads were muddy jeep tracks, but because they were so poor (the tracks I think I meant) the people were scarce. We must have seen 8 or 9 new birds (new to us) and just enjoyed the cool green peaceful feeling. It is a long way from here – but would be worth the trip on a Saturday if we planned to hike.

You like hiking too – you’ve been to the zoo and to Fontenelle Forest. I guess you partly like it because everything is new.