March 30, 1974

We spent a usual kind of Saturday today. Up at 7:30 – got you fed and dressed and went to the cleaners. Then out for doughnuts and coffee and then to UNO for Daddy to pick up his computer program. It was an unusually beautiful day. Sunny and cool in the morning. It was fun to be among the first on the block to be up and out. Everything was so crisp and clear. The crocuses were just beginning to open for the day. You and I waited in the car at UNO and after that we went to Joslyn. You have become much more active since we were there last and now you hate to just lie in the sling, you want to sit up and look around. There wasn’t much to see that was new – so we only stayed for an hour or so.

We stopped by UNO one more time and finally went home for pizza. You went to bed around 9 as usual and really seemed tired.

On Friday I took you to Creighton. Dr. Davies made an interesting comment. He said to answer the question “who does he look like” says husbands and wives grow to look alike. Dr. Kennedy says you look like Daddy and have my personality when you smile.

You may wonder what has been going on in the world all this time. There has been an “energy crisis” since last fall. Actually, it has been coming on a long time by nobody called it a crisis until Israel and the Arabs went to war and the Arabs cut off the oil to anyone who supported Israel. The government asked us to cut the use of electricity and turn our thermostats down and stop driving so much. So, we did try. We kept the thermostat down - except for the first few days you were home.

There were long gas lines, especially in the East, and lots of gas stations closed on Sunday. I hope some of the carefulness we’ve learned will carry over – otherwise there will be a very bad situation when you grow up. It’s not over yet – the crisis I mean. I 've got a feeling it’s only beginning. There are shortages of synthetic material, cotton, paper (especially margarine and toilet paper) and a possible world food shortage. But for now, the “crisis” is over – since the Arabs ended the embargo. Gas is flowing again – if only temporarily.

Watergate is another big issue. I don’t know what to think. It is all so confusing.

There has been an out-breaking of kidnapping attempts too since Christmas. A few have political motives. Patricia Hurst was kidnapped a month ago and her captors demand food for California’s poor before they release her. Kind of scary.

UNO is University of Nebraska Omaha. :slight_smile: