March 24, 1974

This has been an exciting week for both of us. On Wednesday you went in for your four-month check. It was a snowy awful day - a lot like the day you came home from the hospital or the day of your 6-weeks check. But we got there on time and waited our turn with the others. Little Diane Mills, who was in the hospital with you was there too and I talked to her mother while Diane cooed and laughed, and you sat there.

Your turn to be weighed came and I was surprised at how much you had gained. You were 15 lbs 1 oz and 26 inches long. That made you in the 80^th^ percentile for weight and 99^th^ for length. If you keep it up, you will be a big boy.

After another wait, we saw the nurse, Major Prusko. She was very good. She seemed really interested in you and in me. She answered my question about how much solids to feed you (as much as you wanted) and looked you over very carefully. She said you were developing normally (which I had guessed) and were OK. You still have a rash on your head though and it must itch because you seem to scratch at it.

I had forgotten to bring your shot record – so I went home for it. Then I took you to the commissary. It was so cold out that I wanted to go there so I could get home. You took up most of the shopping cart – but I was able to squeeze in $14 worth of groceries and got it all done before you got too restless.

After that I took you back to the hospital for your shot. You were tired and hungry by then and really yelled when they gave you the shot. But you quieted down quickly after you got home and ate.

In the evening we had a Mexican dinner for Newcom’s who were leaving. Johnsons had it and we took you along. Their kids, Debbie, Doug, Sharon, and Julie, all played with you and kept you busy until you went to sleep. You were quiet and peaceful until the Bible study began and then Nancy heard you upstairs. We both went up and I got out your bottle. But for the first time you wouldn’t take it. You cried and cried – so I took you upstairs and walked you. Nothing helped much. The shot hurt and you just felt bad. So, we walked and walked, and you stuck your fist in your mouth and kind of moaned. Poor little guy. Finally, the study ended, and you seemed to recover. When we got home you took a bottle of apple juice and slept all night. You were an awfully good little guy after that.

On Friday I went to the dentist, so you stayed with Daddy. He was sick so I was glad you didn’t give him much trouble.

After the dentist’s I took you with me to Creighton. On the way our car was hit in the fender by a man who pulled out from a stop sign without seeing us. It wasn’t much but it scared me. I had him call a policeman and you sat in the car and waited. It was a cold miserable day. A few snowflakes had begun to fall, and I would rather have just turned around and gone home. But I didn’t. We saw Dr. Kennedy. You had a bottle first and then sat and smiled and waved your arms while we talked. You’re a good kid.

By the time we left the snow was heavy. It melted on the street, but it was wet and heavy on our faces as we went out to the car. I shopped one more time to get an application for a German test at the graduate school. You were fed up with the whole thing by then and just wanted to cry. We finally got home, and I even skipped class. I was so tired.

Last night we left you at Johnsons while we went to a party. It was good to get out, although we always hate to leave you. But apparently Johnson’s enjoyed it. You must have been good!

Daddy had to work this afternoon – it hardly seems like Sunday. You were very good during Sunday School and church – I hope it lasts a while longer!

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