March 16, 1974

Got a letter from Sissel today. I think she would like to be everybody’s mother. She thinks children and the miracle of them should convince every mother of God. Funny. I was just noticing that today before the letter came. Your skin is so soft, so red and warm when you are excited and awake and such a pale lovely color when you sleep. I can hardly bear to touch it sometimes. I feel so rough in comparison. Your hair too is down soft and fine and that anything could be so soft and wispy is a miracle to me. And then how you do what you do! God must have given you the desire to chew. You bring everything up to your mouth. And the smiles, so innocent and whole-hearted. Maybe babies are a small picture of what Adam and Eve were like before they sinned – so fresh and pure.

Another thing I can learn from you is wonder. You reach out to explore everything and I am seeing the world in a new light. Your Daddy has changed too. I don’t know if it is all your influence, but he watches TV less and reads a lot. We both read Wind in the Willows not too long ago, and he bought you Alice in Wonderland. He feels tied down sometimes and restless I suppose—but just as often I think he enjoys the warm feeling of being a family.