March 14, 1974

This is part of a series of journal entries. For more about this project, see this introduction.

You are a handful today. You woke up early because we put you to bed early and you were hungry! I fed you while Daddy ate breakfast. After you were finally satisfied, we played. You noticed your toes for the first time. As I held you you leaned forward to grab them. Such concentration. You played with your toes as if nothing else in the world existed.

You have discovered something Daddy has wanted you to do for a long time. You can put your pacifier in your mouth now! But unfortunately, you can also take it out and do either unpredictably. I guess you don’t always want the pacifier when you cry. Often you just want attention. I let you cry for a long time this morning and you were so upset that I was sorry later. I have a cold and don’t feel like doing much of anything. It seems like you need more attention than usual today too. I could only get you to eat about half of your tablespoon of cereal this morning. This afternoon you get peas again. You didn’t much appreciate your first taste of them yesterday. Wonder if you’ll feel that way about all new foods? Next week I think we’ll try a meat maybe. Probably they will tell me to try it with you when we go in from the 4 month check next Wednesday.