February 28, 1974

This is part of a series of journal entries. For more about this project, see this introduction.

Three months old and you are more beautiful every day. You smile a lot now – your wide-open mouth with its empty gums and tiny curled tongue and your fat dimpled cheeks and sparkling eyes. You such on your pacifier but when I smile at you, you lose your grip, and it hangs out of your mouth making you look full of mischief.

You cry a lot louder now and more angrily. It isn’t the cry of a tiny baby anymore, but of a baby with a developing personality and definite likes and dislikes. You hate being put down, especially when you don’t think you got enough to eat, or when I am in a hurry. And you don’t like to be bored. You get tired in the car with nothing to see but the back of the seat.

You love your cradle gym and your owl most of all, I think. I fixed the cradle gym so you could put the rings in your mouth, but you haven’t been able to do it on purpose yet. When you get really excited your arms and legs move furiously and the old crib shakes and squeaks.

You’ve begun to eat cereal a little better. You don’t make such awful faces and almost seem to be enjoying it sometimes.

Right now, the sun is coming through a plastic panel in the hall, and you are playing in soft, very golden light. You are in the little white crib with my Grandmother’s white blanket over you and you are holding it in your hands and kicking. You should sleep soon. You’ve been awake most of the afternoon. Ita beautiful day but still a little cold and windy for walking. I’ll be glad when you can sit up, so we’ll be more mobile. I want to go all over with you.