April 29, 1974

I think your first tooth is coming in. On the right bottom side there is a little slit shaped hole - kind of white around the edges. I imagine any day now the point will come through.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. Daddy carried you in your backpack carrier. You got tired and hungry, but for the most part you seemed to enjoy it. You didn’t pay much attention to all the fascinating animals though. We drove down to the river afterwards and watched a tug go by. It was going so slowly we had plenty of time to watch. It had a bright light on one side and a grimy flag above the smokestacks.

I’m looking for a babysitter for you. You are too active to take everywhere with me now.

Distracting for sure when I went in to school. Poor Dr.Kennedy! Had to listen to me read Snow to you while he waited to talk with me about the math for my thesis. But people at Creighton admired you!

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